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Cranky Hospital - A House M.D. RPG
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Cranky Hospital
A House M.D. RPG

This is a canon and OC (Original Character) based rpg for the television show House. House can be seen on Fox, Tuesday nights at 9 pm. David Shore owns all the characters and I own not a thing. Really this is an RPG and I'm not making money or anything so don't sue me.

All characters that have been on the show are welcome in this RPG as long as they have a reason to be there. That means all former patients are welcome to be played, and any minor roles as long as you can come up with a reason for them to be there. Also, we're accepting totally original characters. Other staff members, patients, nurses, other people in general that have a reason to be at the Hospital, or at least have some connection to the hospital in some way. This game is run with PB's, meaning when you make an OC, you find a person to portray them in their icons.

About the game itself
The setup takes place where we are at, towards the end of Season 3. When things and canon change on the show they will either be incorporated into the story or they'll be tweaked depending on the circumstances. Everyone in the Hospital will get a journal from Cuddy in their computer that is basically just their own livejournal. The hospital has it's own community and is used as a form of communication throughout the hospital and the surrounding areas.

1. No Godmodding. Everyone should know what this means. Don't do something to another person's character without their permission etc etc
2. Respect each other and the mod. Because the mod is Satan, and she doesn't play nice with people who aren't respectful.
3. You must be active. This game takes place with livejournal entries, logs and other means of play.
4. I'm pretty flexible about what's allowed. As long as there's a reason for it, go with it. I don't restrict people's creativity as long as there's no godmodding involved.
5. For right now, ONE canon character and as many OC characters as you can stand.

To Apply
Please send an email to fetalcoffin@gmail.com with the following

About you
RP experience:
Your regular LJ name if you have one:

About the character
Character Name:
Occupation: (be specific - not just Dr. I want to know what part of the hospital they work in)

First person writing sample: (What they would put in their LJ)
Third person writing sample: (How you would pose in a log)

Taken Characters:
Click here for taken canon characters

List of OCs:
Click here for list of OC characters

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